Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Love to Snack and Sip? Your Teeth Don't!!

A basic diet today consists of sugary snacks and sodas, not only is that bad for your health but what many don't know is that it negatively affects your teeth as well.
Snacking and Sipping all day leads to decay.
We skip meals and fill that empty space with sugary energy drinks and snacks, now while that temporarily boosts our energy levels it leaves behind a sugary film on our teeth, which leads to decay. When bacteria mixes with the sugar in your mouth it produces acid, which then breaks down your enamel and is very harmful to your teeth. The more sugar you expose to your teeth the more you increase your chances of tooth decay.

Here are some ways to reduce your risk of tooth decay:

  • Limit the amount of sugary snacks and beverages you're consuming. No need to cut yourself off from it cold turkey, but by replacing your sugary cravings with a more nutritious food choice, you are reducing your sugar intake. Try chewing sugarless gum! It increases saliva flow and helps wash out food of your mouth.
  • Drink more water, less soda!
  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Also, make sure to visit your local dentist regularly!
You can learn more about reducing your sugar intake and improving your oral health by making an appointment and visiting our office at Verde Pointe Dental Associates.

Suzanna Aguilera DMD, Kirk Kimmerling DDS and Garrick McGrath are happy to welcome new patients to the office.  They are cosmetic dentists and emergency dentists available for dental care by offering a emergency dentist coupon for $100.00.

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